Digital Media Reserve

Unleashing DRM protection and fulfillment of your eBooks

Secure your digital publications, share online with confidence!

Digital Media Reserve

Digital Media Reserve offers Web Services which include a Centralized Repository of your digital publications and the (sales) Fulfillment of DRM-protected eBooks in industry standard file formats - EPUB and PDF/A Formats. A Web Service is a method of communications between two electronic devices over the World Wide Web. Publishers and retailers upload their eBook files to Digital Media Reserve's digital warehouse and integrate with Digital Media Reserve via its APIs in order to sell or distribute your digital publications in a secured environment.


Protect the IP rights of your digital publications by implementing a publishing workflow seamlessly integrated with a robust and scalable digital studio.


Digital Media Reserve is a powerful yet flexible implementation of the best-of-the-breed digital rights management (DRM) application - Adobe Content Server, version 6.5.


We are currently designing a distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain based publishing chain that would enhance the rights management and supply chain significantly.

Digital infrastructure for document security.

1. Protect your digital publications.

2. Sell under secured DRM from your own website.

3. Sell directly to End-users or lend to Libraries.